We are not running competitions at this moment in time - Do check back, we hope to have them back up and running! 

June Weekly Winners

Well done to Margaret of Finham, Ruth of Walsgrave, Balbir of Westwood Heath (collected by daughter Ayesha) and Emma of Chapelfields! 


May Weekly Winners

Julie of Walsgrave (below) was our first recycling champ for May and Kam of Binley became our second - Well done to both of them!

April Weekly Winners

Well done to Jemimah of Binley, Alisha of Foleshill, Linda of Willenhall (below left) and Sian of Daimler Green (below right). 


March Weekly Bin Bingo Winners

Thumbs up to Niki of Holbrooks, Louise of Willenhall, Sam & Holly of Courthouse Green and Christine of Mount Nod, great job guys!


Well done to Fiona of Courthouse Green for winning this months Twitter competition :-)


February Weekly Bin Bingo Winners 

Congrats to Rizwan and family of Hillfields, Lynda of Chapelfields, Saradha of Hillfields and Rev. Buff of Finham, all recycling champs!


Also congrats this month to Emma who won our Twitter competition.



January Weekly Bin Bingo Winners

Well done to Balbinder, Ruth from Cheylesmore, Laura of Walsgrave and Lesley of Stivichall for being our fab recycling champs  


This December we will be choosing TWO weekly winners! 

(Winners this month will win a set of love to shop vouchers and a kitchen caddy full of items)


Week Four 22nd - 24th December    

The final winners of Bin Bingo 2020 are Louise from Canley and Rob & Linda from Tile Hill. Well done to them and all our recycling champions this year! 


Week Three 15th-18th December 2020

Yusuf of Foleshill and Joanne of Aldermans Green are both winners for week three :-)


Week Two 8th - 11th December 2020
Carol of Cheylesmore and Judith of Binley are this weeks recycling champions, well done to both!


Week One 1st - 4th December 2020
Congrats to Melanie of Hillfields (left) and Adba of Foleshill who are both winners in Decembers first week, thank you to Miriam (right) who collected Abda's prize on her behalf.  


November 2020
Congrats to Ross of Willenhall, Debbie of Henley Green (photo below) and Corrina from Eastern Green.
Also a big well done to Roberta who won our twitter competition. 


October 2020
Well done to Cherry of Longford, Charlotte from Earlsdon (left) Deborah from Potters Green (right) and Jane from Stivichall.


Recycling Week Winners  21st- 27th September

To help celebrate recycling week, we will be choosing a winner of our Bin Bingo competition every collection day!
Congratulations to Tuesdays' winner Emma of Hillfields. Wednesday; Claire of Potters Green. Thursday; Allison of Foleshill and in the photo below: Fridays' winner Deborah from Radford and an extra winner for Friday, Shan of Whitmore Park.  


September 2020
Well done to Julia from Chapelfields (photo left) Laura of Wyken and Tracey of Stoke Aldermoor (photo right).


August 2020
Well done to winners and runners-up this month:- Angela from Radford, Rachel from Foleshill (photo left) Linda from Walsgrave, David from Hillfields (middle photo below) Jennifer from Poets Corner, Pierre of Cheylesmore, Catherine from Canley, Anne from Earlsdon, Ellie of Radford (below right) Heather from Cheylesmore, Joanne from Court House Green and Jean, Sue, Merhu and new member Joanne!


8th July Winners  

Jennifer and Charlotte from Upper Eastern Green 

Wendy from Earlsdon, Susan and Helen from Whoberley  

15th July Winners

Barbara & Vivian from Potters Green

Claire and Stephen from Walsgrave and Ivonne from Earsldon 

24th July Winners

Ruth and Andrei from Stoke Aldermoor, Briana from Walsgrave

Manjeet and Reuben from Gosford Green.




Congrats to eight winners of our weekend competition, winning a set of four cinema tickets each.

They are; Peter, Jane, Leona, Stephan, Giogina, Kirsty, Rik and Natasha! 

Well done everyone :-)  






Our Love2shop winners is Gill from Allesley 


Cinema ticket winners are 

Marion on Earsldon, Brenda in Bell Green, Kathleen in Stoke, Lisa in Wyken

Well done to everyone! 

Our love2shop voucher winners were Toody in Holbrooks, Ivor in Gibbet Hill, Susan in Copeswood 


Our cinema ticket winners included Veronica in Stivichall,
Sandra in Stoke Aldermore, Kal in Wyken, Carol in Tile Hill and Sharon in Finham.  
Our Bingo winners came from St. Micheals, Stivichall, Upper Stoke and Barras Heath. 

 John from Cheylesmore won a £20 Love2shop voucher

 Samuel & Jean won a cinema ticket


Ainhoa, Pat, Barbara, Katy Racheal, & Jo won 20 compostable liners 
Well done to Shoh from Cheylesmore who won our Bingo competition.


Paul won a fit bit flex2 and Paula won £20 love2shop vouchers in our monthly quiz


Kay, Matt, Ainhoa, Bina and David won compostable liners for their food waste caddies. 
Elina, Gurdip, Shelia and Kirsten all won 50 liners for their food waste caddies. 


Jean won £20 Love2shop vouchers. 
Our Bingo Winners in April came from Holbrooks
Our £20 Love2shop winners included Kirsty & Pete from Walsgrave, 
Our Cinema ticket winners included Todd & Nicky 
19 runners up also receive compostable liners for their food waste caddies. 

Our £20 love2shop winners included Nicky & Marie
15 Runners up received compostable liners for their food waste caddies. 


Our February  £20 Love2shop winners included Mrs Sa'adatu from Stoke Heath, Jayne, Charlotte from Longford, Rob from Lower Stoke, Alan & Lorraine from Holbrooks, 
Our Cinema ticket winners included Robert, Jean from Earlsdon & Jan from Wyken
12 Runners up also received compostable liners for their food waste caddies. 
We had one bingo winner from Longford!


In our January Quiz our winners were
Paul from Binley, Virginia from Coundon, Beth from Stivichall, Kal from Wyken, Suzanne from Binley, Jackie from Wyken, Frances from Longford, Margreat from Holbrooks, Kay from Cheylesmore, Sue from Stivichall, Neil from Coundon and Matthew from Earlsdon who all won Cinema tickets
Shoiab from Radford, Maurice from Cheylesmore, Christina form Tile Hill and John from Cheylesmore all won £20 Love2shop vouchers.
16 Runners up also received compostable liners for their food waste caddies



Sara, Corrinne, Donna & Karen won Love2shop Vouchers 
Yvvone, Bernadette, Gavin, Sarah, Matt, Carys, Roanne all won Cinnema tickets. 




Arthur & Nicole in Wyken won our Bingo competition. Shah, Debbie & Graham all won cinema tickets. 


August & September

Emma and Alison both won a cinema ticket in our refer a friend competition. 
Michelle, Cheryl, Joanne, Michael & Carol all won £20 Love2shop vouchers,
David in Whitley and Sophie from Willenhall both won £50 love-to-shop vouchers in our Bin Bingo Comp!

July Winners

Ria, Debbie, Peter, Ruth and Hazel all won Love2shop vouchers in our quiz

June winners

Julie & Tracy both won £50 shopping vouchers in this months Bingo 
We also had six winners in our quiz, Alan won a Fit Bit, our five runners up Maggie, Kristian, Pamela,
Abigail and Andrew all won a cinema ticket.


May Winners

Simon and Caroline both won Bingo in May each receiving £50 Garden Centre Vouchers.
Eight lucky winners claimed £20 Garden Centre Vouchers for entering our quiz, Deborah, Antonio, June, Barry, Sheila,
Maxaine and Margaret. 


April Bingo 

This month our two winners came from Whillenhall and Stoke both winners won £50 of Garden Centre Vouchers 


March Winners

Congratulations to ten luck winners who all won Cinema tickets  Congrats to Julie who won a Fitbit Flex in our quiz (photo left) Congratulations to Barry (middle) who won our first round of Bin Bingo this month and Sonja won a runners up prize in our recent quiz and June won £20 garden centre vouchers in a recent quiz.


February Prizes

Congratulations to Debbie who won a £20 Cinema voucher and Well done to Jason who won a £20 Cinema Voucher and £20 Harvester Voucher in our quiz


January Bingo 

Congratulations to Ros who won £50 of Garden Centre Vouchers in Bin Bingo

December Winners

We have given away three prizes of £20 cinema vouchers this month, and a family ticket to Snow White at the Albany Theatre and well done to Ian who won cinema vouchers and congratulations to Thereza who won one of our Bin Bingo vouchers.



Congratulations to Mr Barton for winning £50 Garden Centre Vouchers for Bin-go competition.


Well done to Geraldine who won £50 in our Bin Bin-go & congratulations also to the winners of our quiz each
receiving £20 Garden Centre Vouchers


September - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winners

Our winners of this months Bin-Go were Emily and Angela who both won £50 of garden vouchers.


August - 'Blue-lidded Bin-Go' winners

 Congratulations to Vicky and Lorraine who won a £50 shopping voucher in the monthly 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' competition.

June - Garden centre voucher winners

Congratulations to Amanda, Haseena, Gemma, Antonio, Alison, Mary, Laura, Chandanny, Sarah and Yamini who each won a £20 garden centre voucher.


June - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winners

 Congratulations to Nicola who won a £50 shopping voucher in the monthly 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' competition.


May - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winners

Congratulations to Sharon and Chris who both won a £50 shopping voucher in the monthly 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' competition.


May - National Trust Membership winners

Congratulations to Matt, Greg and Lorna who each won a year of National Trust Membership in the May competition.


April - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winner

Congratulations to Amanda our April bin sticker competition winner. Amanda won a £50 shopping voucher.
Make sure you put your sticker on your recycling bin to be in with a chance to win.


April - Garden centre voucher winners

Congratulations to Natasha, Christine, Margaret, Ola, Marie, Gerald, Ann, Ruth, Carol and Stephen who each won a £20 garden centre voucher. Stephen has kindly donated his prize to the Gosford Community Garden project, one of the current Good Causes.


March - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winner

Congratulations to Allison our March bin sticker winner.


March - Fitbit winners

Congratulations to Joanne (pictured), Moira, Jovan and Fiona who each won a Fitbit Flex activity tracker in the February competition.

February - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winners

Congratulations to Gina and Nikki our February bin sticker competition winners.


January - 'Bin Bin-Go' Winners

Congratulations to Pardeep and Brenda who each won a £50 high street shopping voucher - what a great start to 2016!
Pardeep said "My initial reason for joining the Recycling Club was to help support our local charities without breaking the bank. I was never expecting to win so I'm very happy"


January - 'Night out' winners

Congratulations to GrahamSuziAngela and Louise who each won a £25 Harvester voucher and a £20 Odeon voucher.

December - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winner

Congratulations to Michael who won a £50 shopping voucher in the monthly 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' competition.

December - Panto ticket winners

Congratulations to ChandanyNatalie and Chris who each won a family ticket to see Cinderella at the Albany Theatre.

After the show, Natalie said "A great big thank you it was great!


December - iPad Mini winners

Congratulations to Sital and Katie who each won an iPad Mini 2 for referring their friends to join the club.


Katie (who referred 14 friends!) said "I can't believe it, I am so pleased to have won!"


November - 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winners

Congratulations to Tim and Norma who each won a £50 shopping voucher in the monthly 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' competition. Tim, who lives in Coundon, was delighted to receive his voucher which comes at a great time just before Christmas.


October - 'Blue lidded Bin-Go' winner

Congratulations to Michelle, our first 'Blue Lidded Bin-Go' winner!
Michelle won a £50 shopping vouchers because her 'I've joined the Coventry Recycling Club' sticker was spotted and her recycling bin contained the right items.
If you have just joined the club you should receive your sticker within 28 days. Write your house number on it and put it on your bin straight away for your chance to win.


October - Composting Kit Winners

Congratulations to our 10 lucky composting kit winners! If you missed out you can still buy a reduced price compost bin

Iain Carol Charlotte Peter Christopher
Jackie Andrew Ava Paula Roy


September - Freshers Fair Winners

Congratulations to Lydia, a student at Coventry University, who won a Nando's gift card when she told us why recycling was important. Lydia said:

"Because we need to preserve our planet for future generations and the creatures we share it with"

Congratulations to Francesca, a student a Warwick University, who won a cinema gift card when she told us why recycling was important. Francesca said:

"So that when I buy something new I know that it has come from something old


September - Warwick Castle Ticket Winners

Congratulations to our September winners!
Five Coventry Recycling Club members won tickets to Warwick Castle this month. Congratulations to: Lisa, Mark, Annette, Collene, Amy.



September - Kindle Winners

In our second prize draw Marion won a Kindle when she donated points to Good Causes. 

Three other lucky people also won Kindles. Congratulations to Debbie, Michael and Allen!

August - Garden Centre Voucher Winners

Twenty lucky Coventry Recycling Club members won a £25 National Garden Centre Voucher in August!
Congratulations to all our winners:-
Tracey, Zachary, Justin, Claire, Peter, Ernest, Linda, Kim, Margaret, Charlotte, Rebecca, Lily, Lynette, Richard,
Brett, Debbie, Katie, Demi, Natasha and Christine. 


If you're one of our lucky winners we would love to hear how you spent your prize. Use the Contact Us form or send your photos to recyclingclub@coventry.gov.uk

Godiva Festival - Cinema Ticket Winners

Nine lucky people won a £20 cinema gift card for playing our sorting game at Godiva Festival!
Vicky picked up her prize this week.


Amanda and her son also picked up their prize. Amanda is looking forward to a night out at the cinema with her husband.

Congratulations to all our other cinema gift card winners: Holly, Steve, Annabelle, Latonia, Aha, Alyssa and Alisha. 

July - Shopping Voucher Winners

Amanda and Amy both won a £50 Love2Shop voucher by joining the club between Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th July
(Godiva Festival weekend)
Amanda collected her prize this week and can't wait to spend it. 

Winner - Amanda

June - iPad Winner

Thanks for entering our 'Which Bin' competition. We asked you which bin you can recycle plastic bottles and pots, paper and card, glass bottles and jars and tins and cans in. The answer was the blue-lidded bin.
Congratulations to our lucky winner Fiona who won an iPad Air 2!

May - Camera Winners

The draw for our cameras has now taken place and two of our lucky winners received their prize this week. Sharon and Roni are both looking forward to trying out their new cameras over the weekend!
Our third prize winner Carol was thrilled to receive her camera and is looking forward to taking lots of lovely photo's.

Refer a friend - Shopping Voucher Winners

Michaela and Emma both won a £50 Love2Shop voucher for referring their friends to join Coventry Recycling Club.

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