‘Blue lidded Bin - go’

Each month two Coventry Recycling Club members have the chance to win a 'Love to Shop' voucher by displaying their ‘I’ve joined the club’ sticker on their recycling bin.

When you join Coventry Recycling Club we will send you a sticker for you to put on the side of your blue lidded bin. If we spot your sticker and your bin contains the right items for recycling you will win a voucher!


Rules for the householder:

  • Recycling must be placed out for collection on your collection day by 7am (unless you have an assisted collection where this will already be noted)
  • Your recycling bin must contain materials accepted for recycling and display a recycling club sticker
  • Winners will be asked if they are willing to have their first name and location (road name or area) published and for their photograph to be taken and used in publicity
  • Final word regarding the scheme goes to Coventry City Council
  • Terms and conditions apply

Method of selection

  • A member of Council staff from the Recycling Team will select the winner using a spreadsheet which will randomly pick an address from a list of recycling club members
  • Based on the chosen property 4 additional members from the same area will be randomly selected as runners up.
  • On the recycling collection day of the chosen address a member of Council Staff will visit that property to see if the recycling bin displays a recycling club sticker and contains the right items
  • If so, the member of staff will post a letter through the door asking the resident to contact the recycling team by telephone or e-mail by midnight seven working days later otherwise the prize is lost and there is no winner.
  • The letter will also inform the resident they have won a prize and ask them if they are willing to have their first name and location (road name or area) published and for their photograph to be taken and used in publicity.
  • If the household's bin does not display a sticker the prize will fall to a runner up and the above process will be repeated
  • If the winner and all 4 runners up have not recycled properly or displayed a sticker there is no winner on this occasion
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